Collaboration with Homey

Crownstone is proud to have received the trust and confidence of Homey to help solve their firmware challenges during the development of their newly released Homey Pro.

Homey is a Smart Home Hub that has been introduced by the Dutch company Athom B.V. By using Homey you can bring all your smart home products together in one user-friendly app. Their app interface has an open API – which means external smart home developers can add support for their product in the Homey interface.

As you might know, there are many different types of smart home products which use a wide variety of wireless protocols, ranging from WiFi and BLE to Infrared, 433 MHz, Zigbee and Z-Wave. Homey is able to create a bridge between different smart home products by supporting a wide range of such protocols.

If you are also facing challenges in the development of your own smart home product – whether it’s software, firmware, or related to electronics – make sure to contact our business developers as they can help you navigate to a solution and help you speed up your time to market! Partner with Crownstone to accelerate your brand!