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Crownstone makes your devices Matter-compatible

What's Matter?

Matter starts a new smart home era

The current smart home solutions do not work well together, keeping the overall market small. This however changed in 2022: The Matter standard makes millions of smart home products work together. This means that there is a small time window to conquer the market for a device category. A smart home product must be Matter-compatible before the holiday season of 2023 to be competitive in the market. No time to lose! The time to build is now!

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Matter brings together many of the biggest smart home players

Matter is the new smart home standard and driven by all major players. Amazon will push the update in 2022 to all 17 Echo devices. All new Google Nest and Home products have it built-in. Apple HomePod, Apple TV, watchOS, iPadOS are all Matter-certified. Samsung hubs are Matter controllers. Smart home products must be Matter-compatible by the end of 2023 to continue competing in the market.

Crownstone’s firmware experts make your devices Matter-compatible.

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Our expertise

Wireless protocols

Matter builds on top of protocols such as Thread, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth LE, all of which we know the ins and outs.

Embedded development

To build Matter-based products fast, expertise in Matter-supporting RTOS (e.g. Zephyr), firmware updates over the air, mesh network expertise, etc. is all paramount to a robust product line for years to come.


Matter comes with encryption in place, but to adhere to the future Cyber Resilience Act it’s important to have in-depth knowledge on potential vulnerabilities.


Matter requires embedded expertise of chipsets such as the Nordic nRF52840, the SiLabs EFR32MG21/24 series, the Espressif ESP32 series, all within our portfolio of microcontrollers we’ve worked with.

Why become Matter-compatible now?

Matter is the next-gen smart home standard. It solves several smart home pain points while providing interoperability between devices and platforms. Check the statistics below to get an idea of the importance of Matter for the new smart home era.


Over 200 companies created the standard. In 2022 all tech giants will have Matter-compatible hubs.

Matter products

Over 190 products are already certified or almost certified.


More than 5.5 billion Matter-compliant devices will be shipped in the coming 7 years (ABI Research)


Smart home hardware revenues will surpass $30 billion worldwide (ABI Research)


The number of smart home users will reach 573.7 million in 3 years: household penetration of 25% by 2026.

Why Crownstone?

Crownstone expertise

The Crownstone team has the right expertise to work with Matter. We not only have developed Matter-compatible products in-house, but can tap into our deep knowledge on wireless protocols to embedded development and encryption in general.


Crownstone projects

Crownstone developers have experience with collaboration on firmware projects with external companies. At Athom B.V, the number one smart home hub in the Netherlands, Crownstone has a significant role within the firmware development for their new product, the Homey Pro, coming out in 2023. For Gociety Crownstone developed together with Fraunhofer firmware which goes far beyond commercial offerings in the sense of wireless radar.

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Crownstone’s specialization

Crownstone is specialized in smart home products. This means we are attuned to user preferences in this space. This ranges from expected speed of interaction, security considerations, and ease of setup.

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Crownstone’s team

Hiring expert software developers is time-consuming and expensive. Crownstone has a team of experts with a skillsetthat is high in demand. To have such a team in place means that you have a flying start and will reduce your time-to-market largely.


Crownstone is a Eureopean company

Crownstone is based in the Netherlands. This is important with respect to sensibilities of the European customer with respect to user interaction and security. It also means we will operate under European laws such as GDPR and the Cyber Resilience Act by default.


Case study

Homey Pro

Crownstone collaborated with Athom on the new Homey Pro. The details of this collaboration cannot be disclosed, but our team of embedded development engineers had a large impact on the firmware development of this very popular smart home hub.

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