Crownstone Labs

Crownstone Labs designs connected devices. We can both design the electronics as well as develop the firmware for your devices. With smart products, you accelerate your brand! We deliver our solutions to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). If you are an OEM looking for a technology partner we would love to help you reach your ambitions! We know how to build connected products, and will make sure they will stay connected in the years to come!


Our areas of expertise

R&D for IoT projects

By utilizing our R&D, your business can optimize costs, reduce risks and minimize the time to market your IoT applications. Our R&D team can examine your idea before it becomes a product, and we can support to shape the concept into a functional asset that resolves the problems of your customers.

optimize costs

Optimize costs

reduce risks

Reduce risks

minimize time to market

Minimize time to market

Ideal Challenges

Connected products

Crownstone Labs is committed to making non-connected devices part of the Internet-of-Things (IoT) world by making them connected. If you are developing a new product for consumers or businesses alike, and you want to make it part of a vast ecosystem where it can communicate with other products, to the internet or the cloud, we can help with that! At Crownstone Labs we have experience with wireless and wired technologies, ranging from Bluetooth Low Energy, Bluetooth Mesh, Matter, Zigbee, ZWave, and wired protocols. At Crownstone Labs we don’t just hand over a printed circuit board (PCB) or firmware, we can make sure the device is connected over its entire lifetime, which includes services such as firmware updates (DFU FOTA), cloud support, deployment apps, and more.

Embedded programming

Crownstone Labs has in-depth knowledge of embedded programming on a diverse set of microcontrollers, from bare-metal programming, real-time operating systems, encrypted bootloaders, radio stacks, to pattern recognition. Our experts can develop the firmware for your device, specially when your problems are truly tough or severely resource-constrained (regarding flash, ram, etc). We have experience with devices that have long lifetimes in the field and emphasize code quality, upgradeability, reliability, stability, safety, and security.