Collaboration with Blyott

A typical 500-bed hospital may be able to save more than €2.000.000,- in capital savings by smarter usage of their assets. Tag them with a low-cost Bluetooth beacon and Crownstone will know where they are.

Crownstone Labs developed a Bluetooth-based asset tracking system that is now live in the field, saving money for the healthcare industry together with our partner Blyott by reducing purchases and search time.

One major advantage for our customers is that because we use Bluetooth mesh, we do not depend on security-critical Wi-Fi infrastructure. The Bluetooth mesh is entirely self-sufficient.

Packing asset tracking features in a Bluetooth device so small that it can be hidden behind a wall socket requires some serious engineering. Crownstone Labs optimized its memory usage by implementing cutting-edge probabilistic data structures to ensure operability even in areas with a high density of unmanaged Bluetooth devices.

Are you struggling for storage space in flash or RAM in your embedded projects? We can help you sort things out, reducing your footprint and squeezing out the most of your MCU.

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